Google Design Sprint is a nice 5-day approach developed by Jake Knapp include Google Ventures. Basically you go through prototyping and experimenting answer a business question and validate.

But … this approach is the right approach for you? It depends on: Want fast or far you want?
One of the building blocks of successful innovation is a good methodology and approach. Google Design Sprint is one that may know. The book is one of the best selling books innovation.

The question is not whether it’s a good approach; Of course it is a good approach. But is it the right approach for you and your organization? From my experience I like to share the essence, the strengths and weaknesses so you can judge for yourself.

What is it?

The method was developed by Google Ventures, the famous venturing unit of Google, which they invest in many startups.

The sprint google design has several key elements.

Intense. It is an intensive five-day program with a clear start and end. The method provides solid components and guidelines: when you do something, the participants you need, how you schedule things in doing so the five days are as follows:
1. Understand: Deep Dive on the problem area and sharing knowledge and expertise with each other .
2. Sketch: Ideate, invent as many solutions for your problem.
3. Decide: Choosing the best idea and developing it into storyboards.
4. Prototype: Making a prototype to really test your solution. This can eg. Be a landing page, fake bot or a clickable demo.
5. Validation: Testing with real customers you have settled on the first day; you test your solution.
In addition, the following features help to differentiate:

Participants. Up to 7 active participants. Which is crucial that there is a clear impact on decision-maker who all the time is an integral part of the team.
Experiment. You do this approach protected setting, which of course has its advantages.
Structured approach. The base is the Build-Measure-Learn method.

Strength: It is a complete approach with some good parts.

There are a number of strengths (sorry for the mistake in the style of video 😉 Google Sprint approach:

1. Speed. 5 days from start to finish is something that appeals to many.
2. Complete. From developing many solutions to practical testing.
3. Validating. Without testing and validation is successful and you never stop you might have a lot of money and time into something that does not work or makes it in practice. This approach is validating the Dissolve all day.
4. Smart elements. There are a lot of smart things in the approach might recognize the innovators and experienced business developers. E.g. it is not ideation, but by developing and combining the idea elements.
5. Doing. By far the entire time you are active with your problem and that’s good. Innovation without action, will never come into effect. Sorry for the spoiler 😉

Weaknesses: no proven business model and limited organizational impact.

1. Limited depth. It is not a product sprint, where you create the ideal solution for a problem validated. It’s a rough sketch that you are testing in practice.

2. Organizational impact. You make up a process and decide. But you also for a larger organization? My experience is that it is difficult to subsequently engage the rest of the organization and convince your outcome.

3. What’s next? There is no clear follow, except that you can do a sprint. My experience is that after this sweet it is sour, and you do precisely should also make a difference to make your customers happy.

4. Time. 5 consecutive days, including the time of an impactful decision maker is quite a bit.

5. Less for larger organizations. You are an isolated process.

made equally simplistic; it does not lead to a validated business model (product-market fit) and you are isolated busy.

Conclusion. Actually, the question is: Do you want fast or far you?

Want fast with a small group for a particular topic paint a crude solution and testing with customers? Then it’s quite a good approach for you.

But .. Do not dwell on the Google name. There might be something better for you.

Want to introduce a particular topic in depth, something successful, you have several stakeholders or may not actively participate five days? Then there is for you and your organization to design a better acceleration program.

If you know the Google Sprint approach or do you want more? From my experience with acceleration and startup programs I like to think with you so that it will work for you and your organization.

One thing is certain; do makes a difference and it is this approach greatly 🙂